Thank you all!


Thank you to the volunteers, performers, associations, technical teams, security, cleaning and rescue services and all participants who contributed to this Brussels Pride 2024 - In the Capital of Europe, making it a festive, memorable but also important and necessary moment for the LGBTQIA+ community.

And don’t forget: even though the Pride is over, the fight for a more inclusive and tolerant society continues on a daily basis.🫶



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Pride in the City

Une histoire des luttes LGBTQI+

Gonzague Pluvinage

Historian and curator at the Brussels City Museums, Gonzague Pluvinage looks back at the history of Brussels Pride, from an international perspective. From the Stonewall riots to Belgian Prides and the international 'Gay Day' held in Antwerp in 1979, discover the struggles, advances and victories of the Belgian LGBTQI+ movement.