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The 2024 theme

"Safe Everyday Everywhere"

In Belgium, Europe and around the world, LGBTQIA+ people aspire to live their daily lives in an environment where everyone can feel free and at peace.

Whether at school, in the street, on public transport, with family or friends, at work, enjoying culture or sport, in a retirement home, in a centre for asylum seekers, etc., we deplore all hostile behaviour towards the community, which leads to insecurity and violence. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with the same rights.

In 2024, it is imperative that the quality of life of LGBTQIA+ people becomes the norm, not the exception. We all need to take concrete, effective and lasting action against all forms of discrimination, violence and hate crime, everywhere, and all the time. These actions involve information and awareness-raising, respecting and representing all groups, with a particular focus on racial and gender minorities and disadvantaged communities. 

Brussels Pride's theme for 2024 is "Safe Everyday Everywhere". This is a powerful call from the entire LGBTQIA+ community for all citizens to take action on a daily basis. We are calling for strong, sustainable proposals to be put in place so that everyone can live with dignity and peace of mind, while paying particular attention to health, freedom and equal opportunities. Whether you're a young person, an adult or a senior citizen. Today and tomorrow. In Belgium, Europe and around the world. We still have a long way to go.

Join us and be an active part of Brussels Pride!


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